Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Now this is what I call service

After my couple of situations recently with what I consider to be poor customer care, today reminded me what of what it should be like.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a pack of hangers from Lakeland. I loved the look of them, animal print, and they have a bar for trousers, plus the material they are made of is not smooth so clothes won't fall off easily. I got them home, admired them and then used them all. 2 days ago the one holding a lightweight knitted tunic top, collapsed and I found the metal hook in place, but the top and hanger on the floor, the next day the same thing with a pair of lightweight joggers, with a vest! I was displeased and so wrote a review pointing out the plus points but that might be safer to use them for only the lightest items in your wardrobe.

Within a couple of hours I had a phone call from Lakeland. The lady started out by apologising for the inconvenience to me, She explained that although they were a new item, they had sold thousands of sets and had received no complaints, however there might have simply been a bad batch. But would I please accept a replacement set, and would I be prepared to use them then report back if I had any more problems. As she explained, they could not put it right if they don't know about it, and thanked me for taking the time to make them aware.  She also explained they had not published my review, but were happy do so if I wanted them to. I said no, that I would try the new set, and let them know by a review, how they are.

What a difference.


  1. Lovely to hear such service still exists and that they care enough to attempt to put things right.

  2. Lakeland tho, exception to the rule, they take things seriously.

  3. Lovely. I have always found Lakeland to be the most helpful company. Their Customer Service is just that ; a wonderful SERVICE. !! X