Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday again

Yes It’s Friday again, I don’t get the same excitement I used to get when I worked about Fridays. Probably because the weekend doesn’t mean the same when you aren’t working! Though I still luxuriate in a Monday morning long lie, never get tired of it!!

After a busy week with hospitals and shopping with mother, I was feeling rather unwell and tired - no change that absolutely exhausted! Maybe the blood pressure has something to do with that. This morning I was wakened during he night by Milo to tell me it was raining and he was wet and would I please dry him off so he could snuggle in with me… I did, and we did, back to land of nod, the at 6.30 up for cuppa, settled with book and Milo comes back in, again wet, dried him off and we snuggled, for a couple of hours. It was very nice, but boy was I tired, that real eyes keep closing no matter how hard you try to stay awake.

Then suddenly it is after 10, ok more coffee, switch on laptop and say hello to a few people. I remember I had defrosted sausages overnight & bought the veggies to make a casserole, so up I got and got peeling and scraping and chopping, casserole simmering, slow cooker looked out and switched on, casserole decanted. All dishes cleared and washed, then see my bedding lying all dry and folded but very wrinkled, so out comes the ironing board, and see again the untidy cupboard, so everything hauled out and put back in a tidy fashion, a few bits and pieces including 2 old mops and a light shade popped into a pile to go out. Eventually ironing started, and yet again I wander why I insist on getting king size bedding for my double bed….. right  where was I, ironing folded taken through to bedroom to be put away when cooled down, ironing board etc put away, see hoover, ok quick run round flat, then large glass of cold water and a face cloth as by now I am dripping, into eyes everywhere, had a seat and coffee too.

Why I am I sitting here like this when OH is playing on his computer….try to stay calm as thinking again about BP……………..

Found strange bag while in cupboard, and discovered various weights and stretchy band things I had toyed with a few years ago when I lost a lot of weight. So once I cooled/calmed down had a look, must try to organise a programme of exercises. I can’t do much for safety sake with my health issues, but if I can do some upper body strengthening exercises done sitting down, would help to tone up those wings and of course would be using up calories. I have lovely pink weights to put on wrists and purple ones to hold in hand, not too heavy even both together but a useful weight for me, though there are also proper big chunky metal weights, but they can be left for a while yet. Then I found the rubber stretchy band with handles on the end, will need to figure out what to with them!!

I am sitting here now going through my V+ box trying to watch what I can as it is “critical” don’t want to have to clear any films, so about to get a coffee and watch the first of 2 Mount Pleasant’s and see if they appeal to me. I am still in nightie, I went through a wee while ago and cleaned some tatties and chopped them before adding to sausage casserole. OH eats at a different time to me, even though he is on holiday this week he sticks to his usual timetable so his dinner is at around 10-11 at night!! At least when I make something like this in the slow cooker, I can have mine when I want to and its all in the one pot, meat, tatties and veggies, and he can just ladle onto a plate later and microwave.

That’s my ramble for today, I am now on strike from everything for the rest of the day – at least x


  1. No wonder you are tired, you've done loads. Isn't it marvellous how OHs holiday means just that..... Doing NOTHING ! Haha. I have a huge purple excercise ball in what I laughingly call the "dog room". I don't think its ever been used though ! Take care hun. I love reading your blog xx

  2. Why do these 'little' jobs always present themselves when we are at our most tired? And why are we so obstinate about just giving in?