Friday, 2 September 2011

Not so bad really.........

After reading another blog today (Tilting at Windmills by Tearose68) I decided it was time I just allowed myself a wee ramble, plus I liked the idea of thinking about and listing “things to be glad about.”

I’ve had a rough couple of days, and plenty of grumbles, and thinking about it, realise I shouldn’t really be moaning!

Starting with the more serious health issues:

I should be glad about the fact I haven’t had a bad flare of my AS for a few years; I have lots of grumbles, but not had the banging your head off the wall to try and knock yourself out to get away from it type of pain for a while; I should be glad that while my eyes are also grumbling all the time, again no major flare ups; I should be glad that I have been lucky enough to have been able to retire early so I escaped more of the purgatory that was my job, and the huge stress of both the job and the travel etc; I should be glad that I am still able to get out and about, however restricted it might be ;and I should be glad that I managed to get my work pensions (though greatly restricted) and DLA, when I hear the problems experienced by so many others.

On a lighter note; 

I am so glad when I sit down with a new book which is the next instalment of a favourite series and you settle down to visit old friends; At the same time a nice big mug of hot coffee; a cat curled by your side, and old soft comfy clothes on, and to finish that vision – rain outside- fire on and all cosy. To appreciate the simple things – changing the bed so all fresh and getting into it that night all freshly showered and fresh nightie; to feel under the weather and your cat to make a fuss of you and snuggle in looking after you; To be feeling down or lonely or just fed up and to come onto Twitter or Facebook and find lots of lovely people who have the time and the interest to chat with you.

I’m in my bed now, not freshly changed though, I have a cat beside me – snoring, I have my book on Kindle ready to read, but I got caught up on line chatting and writing this…….. not so bad really….


  1. It's good to look at the positives but it's also ok to have our down days too and your true friends on the social networks and in the 'real world' not that twitter and facebooks not real I just don't know how else to put it, anyway real friends will be there for good and bad times.

  2. Your glad list made me think that I am very glad to know someone as wonderful and brave and caring as you. Xx

  3. Hey Sweets,
    I hate these bleak, miserable days when everything seen awfully grey and depressing. But only 4 days ago you wrote “Not so bad really” and you lifted my day and made me realise I’m lucky I can still enjoy the small things.
    In my worst flare up’s of RSD I think – what’s the point? Why would any one visit me in this state? But my twitter and facebook friends have been my life lines. I’ve made some of my best friends without even meeting them face to face and even bagged myself a (real life!!) boyfriend from chatting online!
    People like you being frank and honest only opens people’s eyes and you make them realise that there is joy in all things whether a giant cup coffee for you or a mug of hot chocolate for me! (One of my little pleasures.
    L xxx