Saturday, 13 August 2011

The little things

Its Saturday morning, OH off out shopping, I have the house to myself. Bliss!

My OH works nights so, usually in the mornings I am creeping around trying to be as quiet as possible, and cant do anything in a relaxed, noisy way, till he wakes up. But on Saturday, instead of the long lie I feel like, I jump out of bed when he leaves the flat at 8.30, and hoover - yes hoover in the morning - wow!! I do dishes & whatever else needs doing / I want to do, so I can sit down with a cuppa, and the papers, and some music on. I am listening to a CD I bought some time ago by Cyndi Lauper, which if he heard he would not have a positive thing to say, but would make comment on anyway, but this morning I can play it and play it loudly!!!

So I am happy and content, CD playing loudly, papers around me, nice big cuppa, cat by my side, aint life great, at least in a small way for the next hour or so................ Hey I take happy when I can

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  1. Oh great joy, you sound like me. I have MY music. When I am alone, I crank it up! One time my hubby came home and said Lord Cookie you need to turn Christy's music off, I said that is mine. Ever since I listen in solitude. Sounds better that way. Life is best sometimes in a house that is surrounded by music and animals who love you unconditionally and your thoughts and you. I enjoy reading your work, looking forward to the next one!