Wednesday, 10 August 2011



What do I hope:

I hope that the new people being diagnosed with AS have more luck than us oldies

I hope that the fabulous work being undertaken by so many new groups to spread the word will help for AS to be understood better 
by families and friends, and that doctors will take more interest

I hope that the time taken to diagnose AS will become much shorter as the word spreads

I hope that if people get on the TNF drugs early enough they will halt the progress of AS, both in terms of pain and disfigurement

I hope that knowledge of AS will spread to the people who decide about benefits payable, about disability payments, and early retirement so there doesn’t have to be the continual struggle to prove what AS is.

More personally I hope that I have reached the end of the road as far as flares go, being so very bent the pain from just being twisted is enough without more flares

I hope I manage to have no more breaks

I hope my eyes don’t get any worse

I also hope that everyone with AS takes the plunge to join one of the fabulous support groups. It will change their lives to have friends and support around them, where ideas and tips are passed around and where you are never alone. The best of which, is of course, MOW!!!

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  1. This is a hopeful and happy post.

    It really makes a big difference to know you're not alone.