Friday, 6 January 2012


I have not had much to say on my blog for a wee while, so as a start to the New Year, I feel I should make more of an effort.

It can be difficult sometimes to write a blog when all your thoughts are of a negative variety, or you have just really been up to nothing much. However, I would like to take the opportunity to describe one day this week when I was feeling particularly gloomy. I woke that morning, and I just couldn’t be bothered about anything. I felt down, depressed, I was a bit sore, was trying to deal with a new pain and I was worrying about 2 of my close friends on FB who were having a tough time and waiting for news. I didn’t want to just disappear, so simply said I wouldn’t be around much that day, I did describe myself at one point as a torn faced whatever, and this really captures it all.

However, I did not bank on  my FB friends, I received so many lovely messages, offers to sort out the person who might have upset me, people I don’t normally converse with, we are just members of same groups, felt compelled to contact me. It was quiet overwhelming and did reduce me to tears once or twice, that people would take the time to actually cheer me up.

I read an article yesterday by a doctor who was commenting on the fact that despite the bad press given to the likes of FB, until he became ill and housebound, he did not realise how much belonging to FB would change his life. He found lots of people to chat to with common interests as well as support groups for others with his condition. He described how he felt much more fulfilled and as a member of the medical profession, what a wealth of experience, information and knowledge was available to him on FB. He found he learned so much more about his illness and also about the patient / doctor relationship. Yes, you have to try to remember that not everyone will be genuine, real or very nice, but then that is the same in ‘real’ life too.

I used to spend much more time on Twitter, but I have found that on FB I have longer conversations and therefore gotten to know people better, and have formed such wonderful friendships. I still pop back and forth to Twitter all the time as there are people there that I would not want to lose contact with, and want to know what is happening in their lives.

I think this time of year is such a dull dreary time, if you have had a fabulous Christmas/New Year, then you are feeling flat as it is now just back to normal, and of course January is such a long month between salaries, and the debts are becoming real. If, on the other hand, you haven’t had a great time over the holidays, it is just more dark and cold days to survive till Spring arrives, an endless feeling time. Many people like me don’t get out much with the weather, whether it is the cold or bad conditions under foot making walking even more off putting. I have to travel by bus or taxi, so of course buses are daunting as I have to have a min of 3 changes of buses in each direction to get to the shopping centre I prefer to go to, which in cold windy bus stops ……. But if I get a taxi, it costs a fortune, so needs to be considered carefully.

It does feel like hibernation as I appear to be getting out 1 day a week these days, still at least the shops are getting quieter as Christmas and the first flush is off the sales, plus almost everyone is back working now, hear the ‘Grumpy Old Woman sneaking in there??

I cheered myself up in the usual way yesterday by buying (or at least mum buying for me as she saw the ‘look’) as well as some purple undies, obviously not liked by others as they were so reduced in price, and purple….. but also a pink bag. I know, a pink bag you say, but I have several pairs of pink shoes. I like surprising things like pink shoes, again bought for ridiculous prices in sales as not a popular colour.

I don’t really care of it is winter, I will carry my own little bit of fun and lightness with me. I tend to wear a lot of black, purple and grey so pink is perfect, and clashes beautifully with my red hair!!

Well I have rambled on rather a lot, but I would also like to add a list of my current reasons to be grateful, as suggested by one of my Twitter friends:

My online family for caring enough to make contact when I needed it

My pink cashmere hoodie bought for less than half price (will match the bag and shoes!) and is so soft and cosy.

The fact that I can see the changes and additions to my home helping to change it into the home I want, which is nice as I spend so much of my time here!

The days may be dreicht, but there is something very enjoyable and guilt free about curling up with a good book, or DVD when it is dark and nasty outside.

Happy New Year to you all xxx


  1. And a happy new year to you too Jackie. As you know I can relate to much of what you say and although I am still more enamoured of twitter rather than Facebook I am very grateful to them both for giving me the opportunity to make friends like you and the many others who will take the time to talk to us.

  2. Hi,honey. I have awarded you a Liebster Blog award. Visit my blog page for details