Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another one of those days

Hello all it’s been another of those days, and I am writing this in an effort to calm down.

It started with me not sleeping well, and being awake from the back of 3 or so, and reading, still awake when OH came in at 6. Had another coffee, cuddled the cat and read some more, then woke up, had been having a lovely dream too….. settled down to read some more and drifted off…till the phone rang. It was mum, and irate, bad tempered mum. She was having problems with her Virgin TV line, and I had to listen to every single little detail of the phones calls made, time spent hanging one, who she spoke to what they said etc etc. Then she had looked out the window and saw a car parked halfway over her driveway, so she phoned the police and was disgusted by their attitude – she knows what they will say, they say the same thing every time, but I had to listen to it all. Then asked if I was OK, in that way which is more of an accusation than a question, I imagine because I was quite quiet. I said I was just a bit sleepy as I had just woken up, so she decided she had better go then so I could get back to sleep….. yes right!

And that was the pattern for the rest of the day, she phoned Skye, got some info then phoned me to tell me about it, as I asked questions, she got all huffy as she hadn’t asked them, also floored me by announcing she is going to get a laptop. OMG my worst nightmare has come true! My mum used a computer many years ago in a job, but it was a company programme, but she tells me over and over about what happened when you pressed such and such a key…..Will we still be speaking when she gets a laptop??

Then she calls to tell me the name of the man from Skye and he is phoning me in an hour to discuss her needs…. Then a while later she phoned to say she had phoned BT and their man was phoning me too to discuss later. So I rushed off to see what was what on line so I had some back ground knowledge of their offers, though trying to make sense of it all was not easy. Well I was at the stage of looking for something I could just throw very hard and smash, head pounding, back aching from being bent over the laptop all day.

Both men called me back and I got what I considered to be relevant information, and called her back to tell her, I forgot briefly who I was speaking to as I told her I said to the BT man that I had not smoked for a few years but could really do with one, now and he said he understood what I meant, luckily she laughed!!

So at last I can relax, no more book got read, no TV watched, no recorded programmes watched, nothing actually done, just sat over the laptop all day. I love my mum dearly, but it is such hard work trying to explain anything to her, she makes up her mind and that’s that. As an example she talked about buying a new TV for the lounge, I said why, and she slowly reminded me she was going to get rid of Virgin, so she would have to change the TV, I in turn, explained to her, that she had an aerial as well as cable, and if she tried using the TV handset she would see it worked. But she says I want my freeview stations, I explained the TV its self has that (we have the same TV). She was still not believing me, and I explained she could chuck her Virgin box away and she would still have the same , maybe a few less stations but she only uses the basic ones. I think she must have gone and tried it as she never mentioned it again, but just an example of the difficulty. I am having a large glass of pear cider at the moment, and for the 1st time in a long time, could really enjoy a ciggie, but I know I won’t.

It might be an early night, with more pear cider and my book, as I am absolutely knackered.

Oh well, hope there are no nightmares tonight!!! 


  1. I am trying so hard not to laugh because then you would (rightly) want to thump me! But It is so familiar to me and that 'pulling hair out' stage is one I recognise all too well through my dealings with my dear parents.
    It is a shame she chose a day when you had such a bad night and were feeling so rough already because for these situations you really really need to have your sense of humour handy don't you.?

    1. yes indeed you need strength to handle it, where as I was tired, and she was wound up so tightly...... I just have this dread of her getting a laptop. I don't mean that nastily just it will be difficult and I can already imagine the phone calls... I have shown her the mobile I bought her, it is the one for older people (didn't tell her that!) with bigger brighter face, bigger keys etc, but still she isn't happy using it!!! OMG the phone is ringing....

  2. no ciggies or Hamish & I shall be down tout suite!!
    She might not get a lap top,she might forget why she mentioned it etc in a few days.
    And once her tv etc is all sorted then she will be fine.