Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Further to my last blog, I have happy news to report, my mum has made the decision regarding her TV,Telephone and Broadband supplier. After so much more than I blogged about, I had to sit her down and discuss it all, which was a good job as I discovered that she had many confusing ideas. Still sorted, and she has this morning (yes that how long it has been going on for) phoned Virgin and they have agreed changes to her package and the adjusted cost, and will all be supplied and set up next month.

I am relieved as I shall  probably be able to help her out if she confused with anything as I have Virgin. She is getting a new Tivo box, so I hope it is like my Virgin+ box.

Yesterday I was laid low with major head/eye/neck/shoulder issues, and really unable to cope with much, certainly not a stressful discussion with anyone, so I was able to not have to get too involved.

I have 2 of my Twitter/FB friends visiting for coffee tomorrow morning, I must do my roots this afternoon, but as I am still feeling a little vulnerable being aware that the head ache from yesterday is hovering in the back ground, so I wont attempt to catch up on the outstanding chores. Maybe tonight when OH goes off to work I will get up and run round with hoover and duster and floor mop etc etc, but hey ho, both ladies know my health status, and coming to meet up for the first time (Susan and I have met many times and she has been to my home, but Colette has not met either of us nor been to my home).

I see my eye has a rather large almost bruised look, so will need time to camouflage this and generally make myself presentable, so flat will just have to wait its turn.

Right off to tackle those mousy roots!


  1. Wow, your Mum should have fun with her TIVO box, they are supposed to be wonderful !
    As for the housework, I agree..... leave it alone and get yourself ready . Colette is coming to see YOU and to heck with the dust !! Hope you all have a wonderful time. x x x

  2. I am so glad it got sorted, I know how stressed outnyoumwere with it and so much easier for you if it's the same system as you have for future reference if needed. Glad you are feeling a bit better than yesterday, don't over do it today and enjoy your coffee with friends tomorrow. Xxx