Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Job Well Done

Heading for the New Year does bring out that ‘clear out the old year ready for the new one’ feeling, whether I like it or not!.

I have found myself going through various cupboards and drawers this week and clearing/tidying, but this afternoon was the hard one. The one I have been building up to, going through the accumulated drawers of makeup.

They are forever reminding us on TV programmes to check the shelf life of makeup, and I must say I was a bit worried when I threw out several eye shadows which had a suggested shelf life of 6 months, and I can count back 8 years or so to buying the!. So I took a deep breath and started, eye shadows, tossed out, blushers – out, bronzers – out, lipsticks – out, foundations – out. Then I started on the creams and potions, and any of them opened that I hadn’t used in some time - out!!

At the end I had a large carrier bag full, less clutter on my dressing table, and a feeling of having accomplished something. I must get OH to take the rubbish out soon, though in case I have a wee look - just to check…

Then, of course, I realised, I will need to replace some of it, not too much, of course. I mean I don’t need 4 purple eye shadows, or 4 mascaras on the go. How many blushers do you need??? Only a couple especially as we now can see how long they are to last, before going in the bin.

So job well done - now I just need to wash all my brushes to complete the task. Unfortunately the last time I coloured my hair I put something down on the dressing table and quite badly marked with red blobs, but I found an interesting looking dark lace runner, like spiders web patterns. So I have ordered that which will hide the marks and add some interest too I hope.

I had also ordered for mum, a necklace display thingy. All the ones we have seen are either too wobbly when laden with necklaces, or not tall enough for the long necklaces and pendants. I found this one in eBay, and after asking questions of the firm, ordered one. It came today so I have hung my stuff on it to see how it fares. So far so good. It looks lovely and takes up far less space than my old one, and it feels secure. All being well, mum will take this one home with her on Sunday and I will order another one for me, maybe 2 as I think it would look balanced on my unit with 2 of them and hold necklace’s better.

Large bottle of pear cider now, I think for job well done.


  1. Well done, it is so easy to accumulate stuff and incredibly hard to let it go sometimes. It's not make up with me as with my skin condition I have never been able to wear any but I don't think I dare open the wardrobe where my handbags live!

  2. Oh dear, now I feel guilty and really should do the same ! The trouble is I am one of those squirrely people who find sentiment in everything, even makeup. Especially those lovely limited edition compacts of eyeshadow and blushers and powder.
    And don't even get me started on know how many of those I have !!
    A lovely, thought provoking blog !