Saturday, 26 November 2011

Just one of those days

You know those kind of days when you knew you should never have gotten out of bed? Today was one of those.

I woke up feeling pretty yucky, tired, upset tum, sore eye etc etc, however had to stay awake, although OH was going out for shopping and some for mum, I have to prepare the list – he can buy but never notices anything so cannot be trusted to get what is needed – so list made, but despite being desperate for a cuppa, as he was sleeping, decided to wait till he was awake. He had after all come in from work at 6, and was getting up again at 8.30.

So got OH all organised, cat came for cuddle, I dozed, all pretty nice I wanted to have a shower and wash my hair, so I thought I will change the bed, so I can get into a clean nightie and later a clean me into clean bed. The duvet cover was brought out, and was very cold, in fact I wasn’t sure it wasn’t still damp. I went looking for another, and found an old cover that I love, but it’s very hard to wash and iron as it is heavily embroidered denim. Never mind, I thought, it will be nice to use it. I forgot what a sod it is to get on as it buttons, but the buttons are half way down the front of the cover, so all usual rules for stuffing a duvet into a cover are no use. Still I struggled on, and eventually, with the air a little blue, it was done, and all looking rather nice.

So my lazy day now had me putting a wash on, and then had to start on the dishes left for me. In due course managed bath and hair wash, got organised and into fresh nightie. Ok not too bad, tum still not right, head banging away and eye throbbing, but cuppa and pain pills and I’ll be OK I thought. OH got home, and went on and on about something on the list, and when I eventually asked why there was such a bloody problem with an everyday thng like that, it appeared he had decided it was something else…..showed him the list, he stomped off.

Washing done, so all bedding into dryer, and towels etc made up another load. Had a wee cup of soup to keep me going, read a few papers and then decided to have my meal early. When sorting it out, put soup that I made yesterday, on to heat through and added the lentils, left it simmering when I took my meal through. Then a smelt the burning, the soup was burnt, pan ruined, place stinking. All my own fault, couldn’t blame anyone else. Disposed of soup, left the pan to soak in case it was salvageable, and opened the window a little. A wee while later went through and window wide open, despite trying everything I could, it was impossible for me to close, it so I had to go off to get dressed to go out, but in the meantime OH woke up to go to the loo, so he managed to close it for me.

Tired, sore, fed up, everything that could go wrong today has, so I should have stayed in my bed, I really should have.

Never mind, tomorrow can only be better ……….


  1. Doesn't help to tell you we all have days like that but we do. Thankfully your awful day is nearly over and hopefully tomorrow will be a better one for you.
    Write today off as a dead loss and start your morning fresh. (((hugs))). Xx

  2. When I have a day like that I console myself with the thought that things can only get better . We have to have the 'downs' to appreciate the 'ups' ! I realise this but wonder why we have to have quite so many 'downs' !!!
    Take care sweetie ! xxx