Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring....Where are you??

Not done this for a while so thought I should catch up a bit. Still waiting impatiently for Spring, some brightness and lightness and a little more warmth would be appreciated. This is both for health and for a little uplifting of the spirit! This dull cold weather seems to have been going around for such a long time now, really finding it difficult to find my mojo - still in hibernation I think....... I am much luckier than some of my AS friends, as I can get around, and usually can get out weather permitting. Still have quite a few grumbles, in particular my knees and my hands are new and unwelcome additions. I started a new group recently, we called ourselves AS Peeps. It is an open group so any one can pop in and read our chats. There are some fabulous groups for AS's around,but I wanted one that was more informal, where we could chat and get to know each other better and be a more personal support. A place where on a bad day we can come and find someone to listen, not only listen but really understand how we are feeling. I have met some tremendous people there, and we chat most days. For me the only down side is that so many of these great Peeps are over the pond so the time difference gets in the way, I miss out on being involved in some great chats, abut catch up every morning. Been going through the mill with a very close friend - her mother in law (MIL) had after years (40+) started to be nice to her, however she hadn't been keeping well, anyway to cut along story and all that, she ended up in hospital and seems to have gone down hill very very quickly, to the extent that she is now very vague and disoriented and there are concerns re her going back to her flat. Although it is part of a scheme and there is a manager, she may need more intense monitoring. However, my friend, having to deal with the hospital and all the various services involved, is slowly climbing the wall. It is a disgrace the attitudes, the care she is receiving in hospital by some of the staff, and such a worry. So after years of no contact with her MIL she now finds herself her cook, laundry service,bakery and generally the person she relies on most. Dreadful quandry trying to be involved,make sure she is ok, but retaining her own life, as she is not on the best of health, nor is her husband. It is frightening to hear how people can end up when dependant on others and hospitals and agencies. I must say it has given me nightmares... Enough for now, must go on another search for my mojo, however I did get a lovely card from my Twitter friend Tabitca this morning- beautiful handmade card with an uplifting message - thank goodness for friends xxx

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  1. Hi Jackie, I've just read your blog (came across it whilst nosing around Twitter!) and wanted to say how fantastic it is. Beautifully written & so easy to read. I can empathise with so many of the scenarios you've written about as I too have health issues (not AS although my sister has it) I suffer from CPS & severe arthritic changes in my ankle & knees. Plus horrid weight gain from my meds :(
    I so hope you're feeling much better soon after your surgery, what an ordeal for you. Enough of my ramblings lol, I look forward to your next update, in the meantime, all the best to an amazing lady, Gail (@_AngelLady_) x