Thursday, 17 February 2011

Back Again

As my dear friend Tabitca has started Blogging again, I feel inspired to do a catch up as I have not done one for so long.
Not a lot to tell actually, still in recovery from surgery in Summer, last hospital visit said to expect at least a year for full recovery - lovely! Still distended stomach so still feel like I look 6 months pregnant, even holding the bump at times, the way pregnant women do as it is still tender and sore!!
Having missed most of the Summer, it feels so long since I have seen any sun and felt any warmth, apart from GCH! So looking forward to milder and dry weather so I can get out and about, get the old body moving again, maybe the 6 months will reduce to 4.......
As it is an important birthday this year, my present to myself is to be the tattoo. I have always wanted one but I have made no absolute decision yet as to the form it will take. There is a tattoo artist on LA Ink, who had a purple rose like flower on her shoulder cap area, which I love, also I like butterflies. Another friend on Twitter showed me a photo of her butterflies on the back of her neck. It made me think that could be rather nice, as I walk so bent and looking at the ground, people see more of the back of my neck than usual, so could be nice. There is a good studio fairly near me, so must pop in one day, might even get more studs in ears, hell if I cant get what I want and like for my next birthday when the hell can I. I dont really care what anyone else thinks, I mean already - with 1 exception- I wear more make up than of my friends, and I definately wear more jewellery and bigger jewellery than anyone else I know, so what is a tattoo, or stud??
I must try to to this more often, helps clear the head.
Till the next time!


  1. Know of a very good bunch of tattoo artists, lol
    They tried & failed to persuade me to have a Basil tattoo as he was their special woofie, lol

  2. you go for it girl! never too old.*hug* xx