Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday morning again, I see. Been quite confused with it being a week since I was last out of the house days have all kinda merged.. Have been very active in all things AS due to it is awareness month, and of course did my story, with my apples!! it was good to do, very long and with lots left out, buts it was covering such a long time span.Felt I had to keep telling non AS people the reason for it in case they thought I simply wanted to talk about myself...

Although  initially depressing, I have gone through a few different emotions since finishing. I think it has brought home to me that I should care less about the house and more about getting my paints out etc etc to try and not get so frustrated by what I can't do and concentrate on what I can, enjoy and treasure the friends I have, both in reality and on line and worry less about the ones who drift away. I found it quite interesting as I have one friend who has been coming to visit me for months now, though she lives nearby,and I read on line about her having a BBQ. You see people think of you differently, if they have the time to come and see you, tell you all about their lives and problems, but rarely think about inviting you to their home, or social events........

Oh well I shall still go out with my make up on, hair as red as I can get it, wearing whatever I feel like, despite listening to a piece about how you should dress for your age - bollocks!! At my age I wear what I bloody well want to, why should I wear a tailored jacket and smart trousers, I prefer wide leg joggers and baggy linen, no fitted jacket,s nice light wool wrap, or long baggy blouse as jacket, that's me!! and discrete jewellery - no way hose  - the bigger the better whether necklace, earrings or bracelet. Those of you who know me, know I love my bags, all colours and sizes too, and scarves, so many scarves........ I try to smile at people - when I can get my head up far enough to see them!!

Putting my feet up this afternoon and watching a couple of films, after current health issues, I was silly enough to do some ironing, so now both wrist supports are being worn, never mind they are colour co-ordinated!!!!

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