Monday, 1 February 2010

Well another nervous visit to the hairdresser, however was brave and went with my thoughts of having a complete change. Have had blond highlights red, bright bright red.....and I love it!!

Will take a bit of getting used to, have been in a state of constant surprise when passing mirrors and realising it is me.

I know it is ridiculous, but when you are 4 inches shorter than you started out because of your posture; often struggling to walk with stick because of bent back or pain, or just the ever present exhaustion, made even worse at the moment because of the huge Hiatus Hernia (I am told most of stomach is in chest cavity), so with little chest expansion because of bent back and half of a lung being squashed by stomach am now huffing and puffing all the time in an effort to breath;I use hair-makeup-jewellery-handbags, to take my mind off it. Also people tend to be distracted by these other things going on and don't notice the rest - that may be wishful thinking, but allow me that!!!

Anyway tomorrow will start with some experimenting with make up to go with new hair colour. Unfortunately mother was getting her highlights done today also, and there are none to be seen!! She is having to go back to get them re-done on Friday.....

So its 6.40 on Monday evening and I am all tucked up in bed!! so bloody tired, plus OH will be getting up soon for bath, and snack preparation before night shift - I prefer to be out of the way, makes life easier. I might tiptoe around all day when he is sleeping, but when he is up there is no consideration shown. Not sure if it usual lack of thought shown by men, or if it is a touch of the "I am the only one working.". That's when I would really like him to walk in my shoes for a day, both in terms of health issues, but lack of being able to do whatever I want- I often don't have any meal in the evening in case I wake him up...oh moan moan. Try not to do too much of it but at times it is hard not to.

Well will be off to see who is around on Twitter to chat to.

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