Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Testing testing

Well having a boring night on TV so have decided to take the plunge and attempt a blog! One of Twitter pals mentioned she had done her first one, so what the hell!

It has been a bit of a boring day, managed to get out for a couple of hours yesterday and the old bones are punishing me today. Been a while since I was out for any great amount of time, so it was to be expected. So lazy day, bit of pottering, made some soup(fabulous, even if I say so myself!) and had to get some crumpets. One of my Twitter pals was discussing them this morning and I could just not get them out of my mind!

Have an early start tomorrow as I have a hairdresser appointment at 9.30. It is the usual situation - excited at the prospect, then a little apprehensive, then remembering that I am usually disappointed. Oh well - we shall see what tomorrow brings.

All being well might jump on a bus and go out to one of the shopping malls. I quite enjoy them as there are plenty of places to have a seat and a rest, as well as the shops - of course. The biggest problem at the moment is that Edinburgh is being dug up, so all buses that go through the centre of the city are diverted. Can be quite interesting figuring out how to get to where you want to be. Makes it more exciting I suuppose.

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  1. Way to go you !

    Fab first Blog .... hope there will be lots more xx