Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Back A

Back Again Back from the hairdresser, with newly cut hair. Why is it always such a trial?? How I envy those who go and come back with fabulous new locks. I always have to come home, brush it out and wash it myself, I certainly couldn't be one of those people who go before a big occasion to get their hair done...There is all the excitement, and anticipating before hand, which turns into apprehension and out right fear on the day. And why do they contradict you when you explain your hair and how it behaves -I HAVE HAD THIS BLOODY HAIR FOR A LONG TOME AND KNOW HOW IT BEHAVES......... they then do their own thing, and then have to reluctantly agree with what you told them in the first place.I have managed reasonably well today, whew!! His training in improving, and he actually started off by telling me what he would be doing with the colour the next time (only a cut today) as " I was right!!!" and he could see that now.I shall have a wee rest and probably wash the hair later - so much gunk on it that neither rain nor wind made an iota of difference to it.Well that's off my chest.


  1. We need pics of said hair me thinks :)

  2. Easier said than done - will try later

  3. I feel for you! I hate going, had similar incident which I blogged about also. Pain in the backside.. ;)