Thursday, 6 October 2011

More Reasons to be cheerful

Let’s think what comes to mind this time for reasons to be cheerful, at this time of year I do like a cool, but bright day, when I can wear a  long jumper and big woolly cardigan, big scarf round my neck (I find this is the best place) and cosy gloves.

Another reason to be cheerful, is on a dark, wet, windy day, being able to snuggle by the fire, with the cats and a good book, or DVD, and feel no guilt.

My GHD hair straighteners: I don’t need to straighten my hair as it’s straight as anything, but it’s also flat as a pancake, so a quick few flicks with them and add some product, and it looks like I have much thicker and curvier hair. I do have a spare pair (just cheap ones) as I would be totally lost without them.

My drawer and cupboard and bags full of scarves of all sizes, shapes, colours. I love my scarves, plain outfit, boring outfit, find a scarf to change the look, or more often with several making all different looks to suit the mood I am in.

My jewellery collection. I feel naked without my jewellery, from the cheapest of the cheap upwards. I can spend a lovely afternoon, getting all necklaces off the stand and out the drawers etc, cleaning, deciding what is in vogue, what has to go away and what will stay on show, then arrange in colour order. Same with bracelets and earrings. Again lift and outfit, and my mood by changing the jewellery, good stuff mixed with cheap whatever. I have enclosed a couple of photos of a few bits and bobs.

And on one of these cool autumn/winter nights there is nothing to beat home made soup.

On reflexion I quite like this time of year as long as dry and not too windy!!

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