Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday moan

Well that takes the biscuit!!

My OH works nights, which means he comes in at 6AM, and immediately goes to bed till early afternoon - so every morning I have to tiptoe around the house so as not to wake him. Once he wakes up I can run around and do whatever I have been waiting to do.

I get woken by him coming home most mornings, yet when I go out he always says that he heard nothing- not surprising as one day I was out and forgot my keys had to buzz, phone for around 10 mins before he heard me!!!!

Didn't sleep very well last night, so Milo (cat) and I had a cuddle, I had cuppa and read for a while,so had just fallen asleep when OH arrived home. I had a cuppa with him so I could tell him mum didn't need any shopping. This means he only has ours to get so he could choose when he would prefer to go shopping. He decided to have a sleep till 10 before getting up and on.

I managed to have a doze (most unusual for me) and woke a wee while ago. Made cuppa, switched on laptop to make sure mum hadn't realised she did need something, when OH gets up wanders in asks if I want a cuppa and then in a sarcastic voice ask if I want the cuppa in living room or in my bed!!!!

I am happy warm and comfy here so staying for a while yet - and why not!!!! He is going shopping then will be back home into pj's and into his bed to watch horses, footie, rugby whatever sport is on, then will go to sleep - so from around 3 till 8 I will have to be quiet, tiptoe etc also eat alone as I need to eat early with HH.

As I had to retire early on health grounds, some how the fact that he works and I don't, means that my life is of no consequence- its fine I have to tiptoe around while doing all the house work-except dishes on Sunday morning,(although that doesn't include rinsing the sink, washing down work tops, drainer top etc etc) As he only has a couple of hours in the afternoon to play on the computer-watch horses- I can deal with the house, after all I have nothing else to do! HELLO I had to give up work due to my health!!!! I end up doing all sorts of things I shouldn't do,then have to hide the fact from mother or I would have an 80+ year old down here doing the work!!! However he is totally oblivious to dirt,untidyness etc or if he sees it just assumes HE doesn't have to worry about it as it will be dealt with!

So I shall finish my coffee and ciggie before getting out of bed, he will be off to hunt for food - OK go to Tesco just round the corner- and then I will run round with hoover (piles of cat hair everywhere this morning) put a wash on, tidy, do any dishes and wipe down,clean sink etc and be sitting comfortably when he returns.......... and then will relax with papers and V+ TV.

OK moan over

Have a fab Saturday everyone

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Getting work done

Why is it that when you get around to organising work to be done in the house, you suddenly find yourself with a whole load of cleaning to do!!

I have a trellis out back leading from the window to the ground, used as a ladder by the cats. Originally done for a cat I had some time ago who was old and not too well, so that she could get out and in easily as the window cill was too high. However it is now falling to bits and dangerous for my current pair of cats to use safely. Also the cat flap got broken some time ago when they decided to have a fight in the cat flap, I am getting it replaced also.

Realising I am not sure how he will fit the cat flap ie from the outside or inside, decide to move the laundry basket to create room-however as it has not been moved in quite some time, realise the floor needs to be swept then washed. Of course then notice the tops of the washing machine and dryer are a bit grubby, decide to move the washing products and packs of cats food to wipe them down. By the time I have finished I see the kitchen sink is really dirty, has been a bit stained looking for some time so get out the various cleaners and start scrubbing. By this time the kitchen floor is looking the worse for wear so have to clean it. Rest is needed by this time along with a couple of painkillers.

Looking around with fresh eyes after a rest, realise the hall carpet is filthy - the cat with long black hair insists on having a good scratch in the hall and leaves big chunks of hair there daily!
So out comes the hoover.............

After all that realise when he is fitting new door handles that the edges of the door round the glass panels are filthy- oh the shame!!!

Well he has been now so all I have to do is put everything back after realising he is a man and notices NOTHING!!!!!!

Ok cuppa and feet up and watch Tv.............

Monday, 1 February 2010

Well another nervous visit to the hairdresser, however was brave and went with my thoughts of having a complete change. Have had blond highlights red, bright bright red.....and I love it!!

Will take a bit of getting used to, have been in a state of constant surprise when passing mirrors and realising it is me.

I know it is ridiculous, but when you are 4 inches shorter than you started out because of your posture; often struggling to walk with stick because of bent back or pain, or just the ever present exhaustion, made even worse at the moment because of the huge Hiatus Hernia (I am told most of stomach is in chest cavity), so with little chest expansion because of bent back and half of a lung being squashed by stomach am now huffing and puffing all the time in an effort to breath;I use hair-makeup-jewellery-handbags, to take my mind off it. Also people tend to be distracted by these other things going on and don't notice the rest - that may be wishful thinking, but allow me that!!!

Anyway tomorrow will start with some experimenting with make up to go with new hair colour. Unfortunately mother was getting her highlights done today also, and there are none to be seen!! She is having to go back to get them re-done on Friday.....

So its 6.40 on Monday evening and I am all tucked up in bed!! so bloody tired, plus OH will be getting up soon for bath, and snack preparation before night shift - I prefer to be out of the way, makes life easier. I might tiptoe around all day when he is sleeping, but when he is up there is no consideration shown. Not sure if it usual lack of thought shown by men, or if it is a touch of the "I am the only one working.". That's when I would really like him to walk in my shoes for a day, both in terms of health issues, but lack of being able to do whatever I want- I often don't have any meal in the evening in case I wake him up...oh moan moan. Try not to do too much of it but at times it is hard not to.

Well will be off to see who is around on Twitter to chat to.