Saturday, 27 March 2010

The end of smoking

Well today I reach day 6 of no smoking!! While I am very proud of myself, I have to admit to not really being tested yet.

I think that like dieting, you have to be in the right frame of mind and be ready, otherwise it doesn't work.

I really needed to do this for health reasons, my huge hiatus hernia to be precise. I have been having problems with breathlessness and when I lie down in bed at night I sound like a set of bagpipes tuning up!! Apparently most of my stomach is in my chest cavity and squashing half of one lung, combined with my bend back which of course causes constriction on my chest and chest expansion, and apparently I have a veru small chest cavity anyway - well its all getting a bit crowded in there. Surgeon wont consider an op at the moment as it would need to be such a major one and I am a problem to operate on - because of the situation described!

I manage the HH quite well with what and when I eat etc, and the xray/cat scan all show lungs are healthy, so I owe it to myself to quit smoking. So nearly 1 week in have developed horrible cough, cannot sleep- but I am told this is all quite normal. Onwards and upwards!!!!

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