Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Ok time to do another blog.

Been quiet recently, not sure why, just feeling a bit down and everything a bit of a struggle. Not been out much or been with other people so I find I quickly get out of the habit of chatting – or blogging or even twittering!

With reference to earlier blog re hairdresser, I have had to throw in the towel re current one, hair never right and condition a mess due to colour having to be done twice, so decided today to take the bull by the horns, as it were, and make decision re new one. Went by atmosphere and how busy it was to choose new one, but of course no idea of the individual who is cutting my hair, in 2 weeks time!! But the salon was busy and buzzing, and the people all looked happy, and the hairdressers all seemed to be male and not kids.

So at the moment I am still at the excited stage, which as you will know from previous blog, will soon change!!

Doc is arranging for me to get Botox, my left eye had started to twitch several months ago, and it has been steadily getting worse, till I now feel like I am pulling some strange twisted faces at time. There is no medical reason he can find, so they are going to Botox the area so it will stay still – just hope they do both sides!!

Got appointment for physio, which is good, although have waited a while and can’t see them for triage appointment till 8 June. But hopefully will help left arm, which is also steadily getting worse. Just part and parcel of back problem.

Red blood cells are doing ok at the moment, but doc trying to get the weekly injection I give myself to also include iron. This will help with red cells, and also be much easier than taking iron pills or syrup all the time, as they really upset the tum.

Was also at eye hospital and the eyes are doing ok, and the floaters I can see in my left eye, are bits of old cells coming away from the jelly bit of my eye. I have had so many incidents of my eye problems that there has been a build up of these old cells, and they are detaching, but will eventually go away.

So all the bits are being sorted out, and hopefully mother and I will get away for a few days or so up North to relax. Been looking forward to getting away for a while, but need to get all the above sorted as no point of going away and being miserable etc etc

Well thats caught up for now, off a drink and ciggie!!!!

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