Saturday, 15 February 2014

It’s another fine mess!!

Morning peoples after no blogs for months, now I won’t go away!
But if you remember my last blog was about how everything can change in a second, well life was not up to much but settled into a manageable routine, still paperwork matters to be followed up, and OT coming to mums on Monday – can someone explain why we have had around 4 OTs!!! This one is coming by arrangement with The CPN to look round the whole house, in particular the bath room, mums seating and any other thing they can do to make the house safer and more secure for her safety – when she has been home since October???? I hope we get something positive from this visit as things aren't great for mum, especially the bathroom.

So all ticking over, my cleaner did all my bedding and mums on Monday (ironing) so I took them over when we had meeting with CPN. Laundry up to date, more PJs, bought etc.

On Wednesday evening sitting in bed planning my first full day off for ages, while watching 24 hours in A&E,  when I heard a funny plop noise, I thought it must have been the telly, then Niagra falls came through my light fitting on the ceiling. Out of bed, grabbing IPad and anything else on bed, and tossed into livingroom, got down to push bed with thighs and not back out of the direct line of the heaviest downpour, threw some towels onto the carpet– which floated….. Remembered I had some plastic from an Amazon box threw it down, while phoning OH to get home (he was on his way to work.). Threw on Kaftan and stick, got keys (kept dropping them as I was shaking so much, and headed to flat above, knocked and knocked, but nothing, back down, by this time I was hyperventilating I think! Phoned insurance, not interested as water coming into my property not from it. Phoned police, who said call Council, did that they said they would get Water Ingress team to call me, which they did and said they would call.

Partner up several times banging on door, still no response. My Neighbour who does my reflexology, arrived home in the middle of this, so came in to see, and stayed with me till 1, had a couple of glasses of wine and blethered, stopped me thinking about it too much, another neighbour who is also above me but at the other side, popped down, he was worried he had done something, had a look, and went off.
Then Council men arrived, they looked, went upstairs and knocked, looked through letter box, back down more chat went back up and she answered she had been asleep and had heard the banging, they weren’t too pleased. They had a theory that it was hair and whatever else clogging pipes and this had been pushed back more and more till it reached a weak bit on the pipe and the rest is history!

So once everyone had gone, I thought I have a carpet cleaner an upright, and when you pull it back it sooks up the water. So I got a fair bit of dirty brown water out. Took photos, showed how wet the bed was even though it didn't get the worst because I shoved a lot of it out the way, the memory foam mattress topper, mattress and all down the side of bed, brand new duvet all soaked…I whipped the bedding off and in the wash quickly cause I am very fond of it!

So Yet again in a second my life has changed yet again. I am camped out in the livingroom, sleeping on a very small uncomfy bed. I have had to explain to mum I won’t be around as much, though I am there for OT  on Monday afternoon, Insurance lady coming round Tuesday.

I have heard nothing from the girl above, or the owner (rented property but I and my insurance have all her details. I did get OH to pop a note through last night, to say I was disappointed that neither she nor the owner had the courtesy to contact me, to ask if the cause had been identified and repaired, or if not confirmation she will not use the shower again till it is. That was last night, lets see what happens.

My GP call last night to ask how I was as he saw me on Wednesday morning and was concerned, when I told him the story I just said you can throw anything at me now, past getting upset. Blood count is great, but hardly any store , so will monitor. So It isn't anemia causing breathlessness, so being referred to a cardiologist…….Joy, so next month Neurologist, bit later eye hospital and now cardiologist to fit in too, plus additional meds to be taken.

 Put an order in Asda for delivery 9-11, though they e mailed to say 9-10, first ever delivery and all went well . Nice to see the new fridge / freezer with more food in, and new fridge magnets - eh Fiona, and Laura (it is all clear now!)

So I sit here in my tip of a living room, pillows, and throws everywhere, trying to be as tidy as I can so I don’t get stressed by total chaos.

I have to phone the carpet man to arrange to come and measure to give me an estimate for carpet and underlay in bedroom, I need to phone insurance re bedroom light, and mum phones!.

If the doc is coming on Thursday I need my hair done, cut and colour. I ask if she is sure as it wasn't that long ago, and I’m pretty much in a mess, the response, do what I like it obviously doesn't matter. I was torn between anger and just disbelief. She phoned back later, don't do anything about my hair, we’ll do it another time. I explained, I have to be at her house on Monday for OT, I have to be in my flat on Tuesday for Insurance folk, doc coming on Thursday and I have to be at her house for that so it could only be Wednesday. I think she understood, but I just had to say I can’t cope this week, too much on and I am not going to be too well with sleeping on a teeny settee, not that I don’t want to just not able to, and still trying to get the rest I’ve trying for.

So the message this time: Just when you think it’s all over……………………

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