Monday, 3 December 2012

More work in the flat.....

Another Monday morning, though not a normal one – no this is the first day of new kitchen being fitted.

Yesterday was spent emptying all the cupboards and drawers, and what a lot of stuff there was!! It starts in a fairly organised fashion – and things were examined and decisions made whether to keep or not. Dates on tins and jars checked (1997!!! Oops) but after a while, all that matters is getting it done. I reckon that as everything has to be washed and sorted before being put back in a new kitchen, the second wave of sorting and checking happens then.

But aren’t men gormless? No instruction given, and this means (it appears) that nothing needs to be done by. Say ‘ will you take that bag there, and put everything from that drawer in  it – fold them neatly and when it is full, place in the hall cupboard on the 2nd shelf on the left’ and its done……. But the trick is to remember everything single thing he needs to do.

Up early this morning to do last minute things, almost started to sweep the floor when I realised……. Hardly sat down when the kitchen arrived, this has now been mainly stashed in the common hall area outside the flat, before the workmen arrived. Electrician did his couple of jobs and away, and now I am sitting her freezing listening to the banging.

We had to close and lock the cat flap and they will go out and in via back bedroom window today, as we don’t want them going into the kitchen – not that they probably would do. But the cat flap will be opened once the men have gone. Their food has been moved into the back bedroom also.

Feel at such a loose end, can’t really relax, yet can’t really do anything. I have taken photos of the various stages, like I did with the bathroom, so interesting to see how it evolves.

Right might try and read my book now, though so cold – put the heating off as no point with the doors being opened and closed all the time. It will be worth it, wont it?

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