Thursday, 16 June 2011

AS and clothes

I was sorting out my wardrobe today, far to many clothes combined with a Scottish climate means wardrobe needs to be sorted regularily.

The amount of clothes can be excused, honest, because, basically, of my AS. For a start there are the ones to cope with different sizes, or just tents, because my weight tends to change quite a lot. At the moment it is quite big becasue of enforced lack of mobilty for far too long, hopefully as weather is getting a little better might manage out more and hopefully lose some of this excess.

The sizes vary considerably also, depending on the cut, as my back is so bent the width is greater - try bending forward and circling your shoulders forward and see what I mean. So shape and cut have to cope with this "spread  back" without being baggy at the front, can't be too straight cut as the bum sticks out (I know it is too big, but thats just the way it is). Often getting enough material to fit the back means huge shoulders etc.

Then there is the neckline. Cant be too low, as bending forward could end up flashing more than perhaps intended, can't be too high, as strangulation isn't a good look either!!!!

The length brings its own problems as too long can really cling to back and enhance the bend, but too short, made even shorter by my posture, can be just plain unflattering. As I already mentioned, have to check back and front for length as tops will not be the same length all round, but dresses are out altogether. All the lovely waterfall cardis can end up with the already longer front trailing on the ground while the back quite short - again accentuating the posture.

So you see it is so difficult to get better than "it fits, so it'll do". Late last year a bought a tunic type of fine knit top, loose round neck and much wider at the bottom, didn't strangle me, and the wider bottom made it not too bad, I now have it in black, purple, red, light blue, light mauve and turquoise........ I found last summer a 3/4 length sleeved top, loose and comfy, now have it in black, light grey, blue, pattern with purples/lilacs, different pattern with autumnal colours, black and cream stripes. But worm differently and with different accessories..........

Trousers again have problems with waist fitting, depending on the cut can be far too low on the back and high at the front, almost always wear loose pull on types now, much easier. Also found that as a result of my back surgery 20 or so years ago, 1 leg is shorter than the other, not so anyone else would notice but I see it on my trouser length!

Having discovered Clarkes unstructured  soled shoes, I can wear nothing else now, luckily they have many varied and different styles and colours. I wore a different type of shoe on Tuesday, my feet are still aching. Obvioulsy they are not shoes with heels but I make up for the lack of that kind of style, by wearing more colours, particular favourite being pink!!

So there you are, a few examples of how this sod of a disease and what it has done to the old bod, affects so many things in my life.

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  1. Jackie,
    Oh my goodness - like we don't have enough to worry about - huh? I have the tall AS thing going on - can't find a thing long enough and my favorite time is winter when I can wear trurlenecks and wrap scarves around my neck - makes me feel less cattywampus I guess. And the shoes - oh how I hate looking for a good shoe!
    Great article - I look forward to sharing it.
    xox Jenna